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Increase self-knowledge

Yene assessments help you build self-knowledge, which is a critical step in making the right career choices. By gaining a deeper understanding of your passions, values, personality, and strengths, you can align your career goals with your personal goals and find a fulfilling career path.

Increase self-knowledge

Develop skills

Yene brings you free access to thousands of highly credible online courses from personal development, and soft skills to any technical skill across any industry from our trusted skills partners. Gaining the critical skills you need to reach your career potential has never been easier.

Develop skills

Get support

Yene is the gateway for you to get further support from Breakthrough Trading where you can increase your level of self knowledge, confidence and raise your consciousness to manifest the future you want.

Get support

Why Yene

Build Confidence

Develop a deep understanding of yourself and the career landscape to make better choices and build confidence.

Fast track skills

Fast-track your career by developing any skill with access to over 4 000 free, credible online courses.

Lifetime support

Yene brings you all the support you will need in your career and helps you put money in your pocket as you grow.

Who we help


  • Subject and tertiary guidance
  • Admin dashboard and cohort insights
  • Teacher training and support


  • Make better career choices
  • Develop critical skills
  • Unlock opportunities


  • Self-directed, streamlined process
  • Deep reporting insights
  • Training and support


  • Insights into children
  • Tools to support any career
  • Save time, money, and headache

Where Yene takes the lead


Traditional assessments are long, boring, complex, and outdated. Yene takes an integrated approach to understanding people and innovates to bring you the fastest, most engaging, and scientifically accurate assessments.


Yene provides highly accurate, personalised recommendations to individuals. We do this by integrating assessment results across key areas and then using algorithms to triangulate data to make accurate recommendations.


Typical career services take the fun and the excitement out of the experience. Using Yene is like using the latest app where the journey is intuitive, engaging, and highly motivating, which leads you to take action towards your career goals.

Skill Development

Yene goes beyond career guidance to assist you in career development. Developing skills is important, but developing the right skills that are seen as credible in the job market leads to tangible results.

Member Benefits

Yene provides you with lifetime access to benefits that go well beyond the Yene core services. Yene support extends to further benefits offered by Breakthrough Trading.


Yene is a multi-award-winning platform and works with hundreds of thousands of youth across Africa. Our team includes leaders and experts across technology, career development, education, and psychology.


Yene’s mission is to democratise the ability for a young person to reach their potential. We build everything ourselves in order to make this dream a reality.